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Hazelnuts are a health-giving product, they contain unsaturated oils that help lower harmful cholesterol levels and also help prevent cardiac disease. Raw kernels are high in anti-oxidants, particularly vitamin E; they are also high in potassium and calcium.

Bulk Products:

  • Raw, hazelnut kernels in consignments from 1kg up to 300kg for a wide range of customers.
  • Dry roasted kernels in consignments from 1kg to 5kg.

Packaged products for retail outlets:

Product Image 1


Raw kernels 200 g packets
Dry roasted kernels in 200 g packets
Hazelnut meal in 500g and 1kg packets

Product Image 2

Hazelnut Muesli:

Original 500g and 1kg packets
Wheat free 500g packets
Gluten free 500g packets
bulk quantities of 5kg or more are available

Product Image 3

Hazelnut Pancake Mix:

Original 250g
Gluten-free 250g

Product Image 4


60g jars
Bulk quantities of 250g to 5kg

Product Image 5

Hazelnut Chocolate:

dark, dairy and white, 150g packets

Product Image 6

Roasted Hazelnuts in Honey:

110g jars