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In addition to growing hazelnuts we also produce whips (young trees) for planting new orchards.

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The main varieties we propagate are:

  • ‘Barcelona’
  • ‘TBC’ (Tokolyi/Brownfield Cosford) and
  • ‘Lewis’

Our main polliniser varieties are:

  • ‘Halls’ Giant’, a late polliniser for Barcelona
  • ‘Lewis’ mid season for TBC
  • ‘Jemtegaard 5’ (J#) a late polliniser for TBC

Our harvested whips offered for sale are graded as number 1 quality. Number 1 grade whips have a nominal diameter of 10mm.

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We provide planting plans and advice for purchases in excess of 50 trees.

Placement of orders is preferred by early December to ensure stock availability for planting the following winter, when the trees are dormant.

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